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Are you tired of hassling with counting order forms, figuring out payments, and sorting apparel for your group?

Let us take the hassle out of your group's gear and apparel ordering process, so you can focus on leading your group to success

Q - How does it work?

A - We work with you to create a logo and select the products you’d like to offer. We then set up an Online Store for your team and allow your players to shop and purchase items directly from the store, using credit card or Paypal. The store is open for 2 – 3 weeks. Once the store is closed, we tally up the orders, process the items, sort them by individual, and deliver the whole order to the Coach or contact person. Then the pre-sorted orders are simply handed out! Click here to get started.

Q - How much does it cost?

A - FREE logo design and FREE Store Setup!

Q - Are there any minimums?

A - No Minimums!

Q - Can I use my store for Fundraising?

A - Another unique feature of our program is the ability to raise money for your group. We provide you with base pricing, and you decide how much money you’d like to earn!  Simply give us a dollar amount to add per product, and we will set the selling price accordingly. We then send you a check once the order is complete.

Q - What items can I offer?

A - We have thousands of different items available, from apparel to hats, bags and more. Our knowledgeable staff can help you sort through the many options to find the perfect gear you are looking for.

Q - How is Pricing Determined?

A -     We work with you to develop a custom pricing strategy that fits the needs and budget of your Team or club. 

Pricing is largely dependent on 2 factors:

  • The number of members in your group
  •  The number of different designs offered

Q - How many designs should I offer?

A -  Our general recommendation is 2 total designs, 1 Screen Printing and 1 Embroidery. We recommend the Screen Printed design on items like T-Shirts, Wicking Shirts and Hoodies, and the Embroidered design on Polo’s, Warmup Jackets, Hats etc. Sticking with 2 designs helps keep the price lower and gives your group a more uniform look. However we can of course accommodate more designs.

Q - How many items should I offer? 

A -  We recommend around 12 unique products. Each separate Garment Style/Garment Color/Logo combination counts as 1 product.

Q - Delivery

A - After the Store closes we ship the items within 10 business days to the group's contact person. All items will be presorted and bagged separately by order. The contact person simply hands them out!

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